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Focus on the product

Hemabo processes high-quality plastics for medical and industrial applications. The development of plastic components is a very challenging business, not only due to the enormous variety of available materials but also in view of the many differences that exist in the properties of plastics. This requires a different approach to design than in the manufacture of metal components, for example. Each product we manufacture is given our full and undivided attention.

Specialists in highly specified components

Hemabo processes a wide range of technical plastics into highly specified end products. Our well-trained personnel provides customised solutions.


Specialists in acrylic processing

One of our specialities is the processing of acrylics, which we do with advanced machinery, followed by a process of detailed manual finishing. Our experts are capable of creating some of the most complex products and compositions from sheets, tubes and rods.

 Advice and guidance

One of the core activities of Hemabo is to provide advice and guidance with regard to preparing components for production. Hemabo always thinks along with you as a partner. This leads to the right solution, and ultimately to the perfect product.

Hemabo, precision in plastic technology