Hemabo can find a solution to every specific problem, using extensive experience and by thinking along with the customer in every detail. Hemabo specialises in manufacturing design-based components. Most of our products are manufactured in a CNC environment in which we achieve the highest achievable tolerance and finishing requirements for a variety of plastic materials.


Hemabo owns the best machinery and tools available in the industry and combines these with a well-trained and highly experienced team of engineers and processors, guaranteeing the consistent high quality Hemabo is known for. When it comes to mechanically processing plastics from semi-finished products, Hemabo can invent and produce anything. At the same time, access to all these technical possibilities makes Hemabo critical in a good way. The team assesses your idea, design and specification down to the smallest detail, and they will not hesitate to consult with you if they see any possibility of improvement. Sometimes things can be done differently, better or cheaper, or can be improved structurally.

If you have a specific problem involving plastic, feel free to contact Hemabo. We are more than happy to discuss a creative, suitable solution with you.