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Customised solutions

DSC_0971The ideal partner for you

Your situation is our starting point. We find the perfect solution for any specific problem, thanks to our many years of experience and the fact that we think along with our customers, down to the smallest detail.

We excel in flexibility and deliver top-quality end products. In short, Hemabo is the ideal partner for you when it comes to plastics.



Masters in creating customised solutions

Hemabo specialises in the manufacture of design-based components. Most of our products are manufactured in a CNC environment, within which we achieve the highest possible tolerance and finishing levels for a multitude of plastic materials. Our ultra-modern, high-quality machinery and the knowledge and expertise of our personnel are what make us masters in creating customised solutions.


If you would like to know more about the knowledge and expertise we offer, or if you have a specific problem involving plastics, then contact us. We shall be more than happy to listen to your questions and discuss a creative, suitable solution with you.