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Specialists in acrylate manufacturing


We specialise in manufacturing high-grade plastics for medical and industrial applications. With our extensive machinery, we can undertake all of our work with precision.

We’ve mastered a wide range of machining and processing techniques, such as CNC-milling, CNC-turning, conventional milling and welding, bonding and bending. As a result, we feel fully justified in calling ourselves specialists in acrylate manufacturing.


Modern machinery

While the market for technical manufactured components in Europe is increasingly moving towards relatively lower volumes, by contrast, there is a huge diversity of components. At Hemabo, we have a number of machines that are configured to take advantage of this trend. That’s the case in our turning department, for example.
Multi-spindle configuration, automatic material conveyance and motorised tools, together with the capacity to work to extremely precise tolerances – these all allow us to produce small to medium-sized series to meet the most challenging production standards.


Modern materials

HMB002-draaienIt’s impossible to imagine today’s society functioning without plastics. With rising demand for plastics in technical applications, the range of available semi-finished products has also expanded enormously. Hemabo uses a large number of available semi-finished products, most of which are kept in stock for our clients. This enables us to be flexible when deciding on the best choice of materials for specific application requirements, and we can always guarantee quality.  What’s more, we also have an extensive knowledge of these polymers and additives, in order to guarantee the success of applications.