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Your situation is our starting point

DSC_1123Custom manufacturing

We devise customised solutions for your specific situation and excel in thinking along with our clients.

For example, with our laser cutter, we can respond to our clients’ creative wishes in a quick and efficient way. This machine is particularly suitable for manufacturing acrylate.

What’s more, we focus on your wishes and continually assess whether the desired product is technically realisable, and whether the highest quality standards can be achieved.


High production standards

Whether the job concerns prototypes, zero-production runs or batch manufacturing, at Hemabo, quality is always guaranteed due to the combination of machines and human expertise. The result is good workmanship and a high-quality product.

Hemabo has a large milling department, featuring 3- to 5-axis simultaneous milling with integrated robotisation. We also have an extensive portfolio of edge-work, allowing us to work to the production standards and tolerances desired by our clients. This includes annealing of stress-sensitive polymers, for example. Our staff work exclusively with plastics and have an extensive knowledge of every conceivable semi-finished product.

Precise tolerances

HMB002-meesters-in-maatwerkThe market for technical manufactured components in Europe is increasingly moving towards relatively lower volumes. By contrast, there is a huge diversity of components. At Hemabo, we have a number of machines that are configured to take advantage of this trend. This can be seen in our turning department, for example. In addition to multi-spindle configuration, automatic material conveyance and motorised tools, Hemabo also has the capacity to work to extremely precise tolerances. As a result, we can produce small to medium-sized series to meet the most challenging production standards