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Hightech systems

Hightech Systems & Integration

Benefit from the extensive experience of Hemabo in the development of components for this industry.
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Semi Conductor & ElectronicsSemicon

The global production of IC chips depends on state-of-the-art technology and machine engineering.
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MedicalMedical & Life Science

Within the (bio)medical industry, Hemabo has long since been active as a supplier of custom-made tools and auxiliary tools.
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Food & BeverageFood

Due to sector-specific regulations, we use specific plastics that can safely be used in contact with food.
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This is what Hemabo offers you:

  • Creative solutions that work
    A professional and innovative team. After all, practical problems usually require specific solutions that really work, rather than standard solutions.
  • Technologically optimal results
    We guarantee top quality, delivered by highly skilled personnel and the use of advanced measuring equipment. Our modern production facilities feature all of the machinery necessary to deliver top-quality turning and milling.
  • Wide product range
    Hemabo maintains strong relationships with leading plastics manufacturers and stockpiles a wide range of semi-finished products, among which an extensive range of exotic materials for specific markets.
  • Technical support
    Hemabo specialises in technical plastics. With us you can always rely on professional support by experts, for example in selecting the most suitable materials and processing methods for your application, or in developing new products.