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Hemabo invests in new machines

Hemabo invests in new machines

So as to be able to secure growth in the coming years, Hemabo has invested in a number of high-grade 5-axis CNC milling machines with robotisation. At the end of this year, we’ll add a Makino D300 to our range of machinery. The Makino D300 is a versatile and extremely precise 5-axis milling machine. It comes with a repository of 40 tools and is also excellent for small, complex contours. The Makino D300 has a direct-drive clamping table in order to increase the degree of precision. With the Makino milling machine, the frontiers of precision in plastics manufacturing have been pushed back yet again.


Makino D300- Hemabo

Makino D300 specificaties:

Opspantafel: Ø 300 mm

X: 300 mm

Y: 500 mm

Z: 350 mm

Max. grootte van werkstuk: 450×240 mm

Spindel: HSK – A63, 15 000 RPM



Grob G350-Hemabo

GROB G350 specificaties:

Opspantafel: Ø 600 mm

X: 600 mm

Y: 770 mm

Z: 805 mm

Max. grootte van werkstuk: 400×400 mm

Spindel: HSK – A63, 12 000 RPM


29 October 2013
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