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Plastic processing by Hemabo

High-grade plastic processing

Plastics can be used to make almost anything. There is a reason various plastics are used for medical and industrial applications. Areas of application in which innovation plays a key role. That is precisely why Hemabo is the best choice for any imaginable plastics application. The manufacture of simple, common plastic components can be done almost anywhere.

However, bringing new ideas to life and implementing novel, unique plastic components requires an expert in the field of plastics manufacturing. That is what Hemabo is. No more, no less. Provide us with a drawing or concept, and we will create it in the desired material.

What can plastic manufacturing do for you?

The added value we provide is the translation from concept to practice, from drawing to reality. We turn what exists only in your imagination into something tangible. There is a reason high-tech companies from various industries regularly ask us for help. We provide semi-finished products and parts to sectors including:

  • Medical & Life Science
  • Semi Conductor & Electronics
  • Hightech Systems & Integration
  • Food & Beverage

Each of these sectors has its own specific needs in the field of plastics manufacturing. In fact, every client has unique demands. Our specialty is to address these demands and provide each client with a bespoke solution.

Does this approach interest you, and do you need plastic parts or semi-finished products? Or do you have questions about our services? If so, please contact Hemabo. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

What makes us unique in plastics manufacturing?

The term ‘plastics manufacturer’ does not automatically entail that revolutionary plastic parts can be made. Many companies have focused on mass production of existing parts. This may be a more interesting business model, and is certainly something we can provide. However, making existing items is not the challenge we’re most interested in. There is nothing more satisfying than pushing the envelope of what is technically possible. Bringing new concepts to life, and finding new ways to introduce plastics manufacturing. That is what gets our heart racing.