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Efficient plastic solutions

Food & Beverage

Food Hemabo

We create customer-specific plastic applications with properties as: wear-resistant, temperature resistant, chemical resistant and tracable.

Medical & Life Science

Hemabo is an active as a supplier of custom-made tools and auxiliary tools for hospitals and for OEMs (Original Equipment manufacturers)

Semi-conductors & Electronics

For the electronics industry, Hemabo manufactures components that are used at every stage of the wafer production process.

High-tech Systems & Integration

Hightech systems

Plastics, with their high wear-resistance, chemical resistance and specific electronic and mechanical properties, are the ideal material.

Welcome to Hemabo

Hemabo thinks in solutions that eliminate problems and bring structure to your organisation. Those who cooperate with us benefit from dealing with a flexible partner who fully understands the business. Specialists in the mechanical processing of high-quality plastics. Practical problems often require require creative solutions.

All the more reason to contact us today. Always surprisingly efficient answers to your questions.